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[IC] And then some playercest!

[At 221B, shenanigans are to be had!!]



Camp Fuck You Die
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where am I?
- You are at a summer camp possibly located on the northern edge of the American Midwestern.

2. What's that?

- An inter-dimensional space which allows for people to co-exist without the fear of paradoxes and consequence.

3. Why is it called a summer camp if it's open during winter/fall/spring?

- This camp is open all year, therefore the term summer camp is a misnomer. However, people still use it due to habituation. 

4. Where are the bathrooms?
- The locations tend to move, but the boys bathrooms are located near the boys cabins and the same goes for the girls.

5. Why are there zombies?

- Unfortunately, there is no plausible explanation for their existence. Feel free to submit your explanations at www.thescienceofdeduction.co.uk

6. Is there cellphone reception out here?

- No. Get a new plan.

7. Does time pass in my world?
- No. The most camp allows for is approximately a week.

8. I want to leave!!!
- You can't. Get used to it.

9. Why can't I leave?
- Possibly due to a secret in your dark and insidious past. If you don't have one, then I'm afraid you better keep looking.
---Sherlock Holmes


I'm sure we can stay here comfortably for the rest of the season.


[OOC] State of the Union!

State of the UnionCollapse )
This was effort, guys. EFFORT.


[IC] Egg-Baby things

[ dissembling the baby ]


[OOC] Boys are back in town~


[IC] Couseling

Now. Let's talk about your "issues". You can start from when you were born if you like.



Hello kids~

Ikki Minami, Reimu Hakurei, Raidou Kuzunoha XIV, Rika, Ion and Shuichi Shindou! I am available 10 pm -2am EST on all days of the week. HOW SHALL WE DO THIS.


[OOC] Ask me Stuff Meme

I AM BORED clearly you citizens of CFUD must entertain me or I'll invent something to destroy you miserable lot.

Ask me things! Relationships ( in the form of gifs if you want) , hot or not, why haven't you tagged me yet Timmy, why is Stefan a big ball of contradictions, is Sherlock gay for Watson, etc etc.

I play Oz Vesalius, Haruka, Dean Winchester, Tokage, Leto Atreides the II, Merlin, James T. Kirk, Yuri Lowell, Koutake Haruki, Hayate, Frodo Baggins, Stefan Salvatore and the new indomitable Sherlock Holmes (I get a thrill adding that name to my lineup guys). GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO.